No matter the severity or type of hair loss, we have many non surgical hair replacement solutions. Today a new wave of technology and sophistication is here. Your friends and family will notice your boost in confidence and improvement in your hair style.
Antigo, Wisconsin’s Wisconsin Hair Goods is a full service hair replacement studio for men and women. Founder and owner Bob Benishek has been actively involved in hair replacement for 50 years, since 1963! In 1968, Benishek was nominated Barber of the Year and in 1969 became an educator/distributor for the Allen Authur Company, and in 1989 for  International Hair Goods, Inc. He has provided education for over 1700 stylists. A noted speaker and platform artist, Benishek is recognized for the breadth of his experience in and knowledge of hair loss management. A master designer and recognized nationwide in technical aspects of hair replacement, he is currently associated with Adrans International Hair Goods with access to exclusive hair management systems, hair-related products, and an elite, world-wide group of retailers
Wisconsin Hair Goods was established in 1969. As hair loss consultants in personalized hair management, we can educate you,  evaluate your hair loss and manage it with our patented products.
We specialize in many areas of hair loss including the following:

  • Male and female pattern baldness
  • Hereditary hair thinning
  • Chemotherapy and medically-related hair loss
  • AlopeciaOur hair loss clinic will work with you to help expand the latest non-surgical, technical solutions for your appearance. We like to offer you the opportunity to invest in the best experience our hair loss technicians have to offer.​​


We are open!  Must make appointment and encourage wearing of protective mask. We follow all Co-Vid 19 guidelines for safety.

Wisconsin Hairgoods - non surgical hair replacement


Wisconsin's center for women's and men's hair replacement/embracement - guaranteed!

Non surgical hair replacement/embracement

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